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Dreamlinux Icons & Themes

The GTK themes, icon theme and windows theme are made available below to be used by other
 distros and users.

The icon theme has been updated and now has mimetypes for most of the file types, including Libreoffice. 
Each of them is in an editable format and can be opened in Inkscape.

The themes are licensed under GPL (and therefore, free of charge). If anyone wants to modify or redistribute them, feel free.

The Dreamlinux team is grateful to the opensource community for all the support.

Andre Felipe Junqueira ( Dreamlinux Artwork Graphic Designer )

How to edit icons:
You can edit or modify colors or add new artwork in Inkscapehttp://www.inkscape.org ).

In the "Dreamer" package you will find icons in svg format (vector). 
For example, open in Inkscape: Dreamer/scalable/apps/dist-upgrade.svg and edit it.


Note: GTK Theme depends of packages:

>>   gtk2-engines-pixbuf    gtk2-engines-aurora   librsvg  <<